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Word search


Play free Word Search! Solve puzzles, guessing at hidden box of letters in the word, and unlock more challenging levels with lots of words.This game will definitely appeal to fans of word games such as feelwords, crossword, words, hangman, and generally any game where you need to look up words or to make words of letters.In Search of the Word regularly will add new sets of levels - don't forget to update the game.You can guess the word both in Russian and in English!The rules of the game word Search- On the screen in the square are the letters, among which is hidden the hidden words. Your task is to find these words and highlight in the correct order the letters of the word.- When you begin to unravel a new level, a timer begins. The faster you unravel the feelwords, the more will get stars for completing puzzles.- To open new, more challenging levels, you need to cope with lighter feelwords.